Elizabeth Street Cafe

It is no secret that my absolute favorite restaurant in Austin is Elizabeth Street Cafe. From the moment you walk in the pink front door, Elizabeth Street captures your heart. Colorful, tropical wallpaper lines the back wall as natural light illuminates the interior space.

Elizabeth Street Patio
Elizabeth Street Patio 2

The patio seating is strategically planned to make the most of a small space. The outside is filled with color--deep green vines creep up the side wall, royal blue metal chairs  surround elegant marble tabletops, and pink lights glow around the edge of the awnings.

Elizabeth Street Coffee
Elizabeth Street Beignets

A mixture of French and Vietnamese cuisine, Elizabeth Street offers a unique mix of delicacies, flavors and constructions. My favorite time of day to visit is brunch. They offer a variety of flaky, perfectly crisp croissants that are out of this world.

Elizabeth Street Utensils
Elizabeth Street Utensils 2

Every little detail about Elizabeth Street Cafe is simply lovely--the relaxing atmosphere, the kind wait staff and the delicious food.

Jack at Elizabeth Street

Ballet Austin

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.
— Agnes De Mill

Powerful. Classic. Graceful. Poised. Breathtaking. However you choose to describe the ballet, there is something universal about the emotions this experience stirs within each of us. It doesn't really matter who you are or what your background, ballet moves us and creates a shared experience of emotions among patrons. 

My professional career as a ballerina was cut sadly short. While my heart told me to twirl like the wind, my stomach said, "you twirl, I'll hurl." Despite this early onset vertigo, my love and appreciation for the ballet continues to grow. I am lucky enough to live in a city that celebrates such a beautifully diverse arts culture, ripe with year-round opportunities to enjoy music, theater and dance in a variety of venues across the city.

In addition to Ballet Austin performances at the Long Center, they also offer dance classes all day long 7 days a week at their studio in downtown Austin. So far, I have only tried my hand at Ballet Fit--strength training, cardio and ballet. However, they offer a wide variety of classes for all dance levels and preferences. 

Whether you are more of a do-it-yourselfer or a watch-and-appreciate-from-a-distance type of person, Ballet Austin has you covered. 

Check out their performances here.

Check out their classes here.

From Austin, With Love




Etsy Fall Decorations

Although the Fall season in Austin is vastly different from Oregon's beautiful colors and brisk winds, the slowly declining temperatures around here have still managed to put me in the mood for Fall. The last two weekends I have been crafting nonstop to welcome in the Fall season at the shop, By Tiffany Kaye.  


These orange wood-block pumpkins are my absolute favorite addition to Etsy. If we sell out I am happy to make custom orders for anyone who might be interested. Head on over to the shop to check out the latest additions.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!


Gelateria Gemelli

When out and about with friends this weekend, we stumbled across a little piece of Italy right in the middle of our beloved Austin. The beautifully designed Gelateria Gemelli sits just east of downtown along 6th St--a culinary gem that is easy to miss among the famous night life of 6th St.

The only real indication of what lies inside this shop is a lone ice cream cone sign that shines above the door. 

This modern Gelateria creates their own unique flavors of Gelato but the owners, Andrew Sabola and Meghan Erwin, offer customers much more than a tasty dessert. The Gelato is organic, fitting in well with Austin culture. The waffles cones are fashioned in house. The menu is simple yet upscale, complete with cocktails, espresso, Sorbeto, Affogato and a la carte amaros. 

Gelateria Gemella is magically delightful. The shop--quaint, friendly and delicious. We sampled four Gelato flavors--Toasted Hazelnut (my personal favorite), Valhrona Chocolate, Olive Oil and Salted Caramel.

The owners have studied with the best Gelato makers in Italy. Read more on their story here. The quality of their product is evident in every aspect of the shop--atmosphere, taste, execution, professionalism and friendliness.

After two years of Austin living, we continue to discover lovely, unique shops and restaurants to add to our list of favorites. Gelateria Gemelli easily makes the list and might take the title of favorite dessert in Austin thus far. If you are new to Austin or well-acquainted with this bustling city, check out this Gelateria as soon as possible. trust me, you won't regret it.