5 Little Links

Tuesday has come and gone and I can't tell you how tired I am. However, since I've been on a role getting my posts up on time I didn't want to miss a day. Here are today's 5 Little Links for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Crawfish Festival: There are so many events happening in Austin this weekend but this one looks most enticing to me so far. I read that they hand out 7,000 pounds of crawfish. DO you say crawfish or crawdad?
  2. The Picnic: As if there weren't enough places for me to eat, they opened a new trailer eatery park in Austin. This one is located south of the river so I have no excuse not to give it a try, maybe this weekend.
  3. Turtle-Neck Giraffe: I have always had a weak spot for giraffes but I seriously fell for this adorable giraffe print from Minted. Now to choose between the lemon lime or blueberry.
  4. Brie & Prosciutto: These beautiful open-faced sandwiches from Design Love Fest look exquisite and sound even better. Really though, I fell in love with the photography in this post, really well done.
  5. Loopy Garland: I thought this garland was sweet, simple and perfect for adding a splash of color to an Easter get together.

Ok, folks, that's it for now. I have to get to the clinic early again tomorrow so it is off to bed for me. Happy Tuesday!

From Austin, With Love