Friday Flowers

I love Fridays. Whether it's the literal Friday or a random Tuesday that just happens to be the end of my work week, there's not much that compares to that almost weekend feeling. What makes me even happier than Fridays? Flowers!


I was truly blessed to be able to cultivate this interest at Aunt Willies Wildflowers throughout college. Linda, the owner, grows a beautiful variety of cut flowers on the farm. I helped her make and sell bouquets at Farmer's markets, design arrangements for weddings and special events, and teach bridal luncheons and workshops. Now that we've moved to Austin, I find myself constantly looking for new ways to continue this passion.  

Working on the farm taught me not only the how-to of the cut-flower business but also the tremendous impact flowers can make on an individual. Never underestimate the power of the flower. Yes, I went there.

In light of all this flower-lovin' and in an effort to brighten your Fridays, I will be sharing my flowers with you each week. So, my readers, I hope you enjoy today's Friday Flowers.

Happy Friday.

From Austin, With Love