Red Swing Project

Do you ever see kids on the playground and wish you could have a recess of your own? The hospital has giant windows with breathtaking views of Austin. I often look outside and think, I just want to go outside and play. Playing is something I don't place enough emphasis on these days, but today I'm here to say, playing is not just for kids. Adults need recess too, a timeout to simply enjoy the silly in life. 


Yesterday, my friend Meghan and I decided it was our turn to go play. She discovered this company called the Red Swing Project, which  anonymously hangs red swings in under-utilized public spaces to inspire playfulness around the world. The project began in Austin and has since installed the simple red swings all over the world in places like Taiwan, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Australia.


Meghan and I set out yesterday to find one of the swing locations. Our first stop was Thundercloud Coffee on East side. This unique little coffee shop is one I've heard about non-stop since moving to Austin. The shop is located in a small house with picnic tables outside for patrons to lounge around on. The interior was warm and inviting with an eclectic array of furniture and a different color painted on every wall. 


After our coffee and conversation, we set out to find the swings. The ones we were looking for are located under a bridge at Tillery and 7th. It seemed a tad bit sketchy so, I might suggest going with a buddy if you feel like checking them out. The swings are just what they claimed--simple, red and attached to the bridge with climbing rope. Unfortunately, the wind made it a bit too cold to stay out for long but we enjoyed swinging, chatting of course snapping a few pictures of our adventures.


I also realized that while it's fun to pretend to be a kid again, I am definitely not a kid anymore. I got a little motion sickness in the first few minutes on the swing. And by a little, I mean a lot. So, be warned, you may discover you are no longer swing master of the playground.


We had a few more adventures yesterday but I am saving those for another post. Check out the Red Swings website to see if there are any swings near you and let your inner child out to play.

From Austin, With Love