Catching Up

No posts this weekend, my bad. It was a long weekend at work and thankfully my last Saturday/Sunday shift for a couple of weeks. Hooray! I made the mistake of scheduling myself to take weekends on this last schedule assuming weekends would be quieter at the hospital. While this can be true, I discovered the opposite to be more accurate--less patients means more nurses put on call, meaning less help and high patient to nurse ratios. Anyway, Saturday was particularly rough, filled with codes and way too many patients but Sunday was a little bit better and now it's over for three days. I'm grateful for the break and happy to let the weekend's worries fade away.

Three whole days of sweet freedom. What to do with myself? Probably clean and prepare for a very special visitor. My beautiful sister will be arriving Friday evening and I can't even begin to describe how incredibly excited I am to see her. Somehow I even managed to get all four days of the visit off. I'm seeing many sister adventures in our future.

One of our tentative plans is to explore the Friday Night Lights sites. Yes, someone came up with an interactive map of the FNL shooting locations in Austin. I can't decide which place I'm most excited to see. My sister is a fan of the show and after seeing Kyle Chandler at Jo's coffee a few months ago, my excitement over FNL only grew so I think this little outing will be a hit. We'll be sure to post pictures of the fun. 

I think that's about it for catching up from the weekend. Sorry, there isn't much to report. I'm hoping to share some more Austin adventures over the next three days so stay tuned and have a very happy Monday.

From Austin, With Love