Walton's Fancy & Staple

Just when I thought I could no longer be surprised by the number of fantastic Austin restaurants, I decided to go to brunch with a friend at Walton's Fancy and Staple on 6th St. And because I couldn't describe it better than this, here's the description of Walton's from their website, Walking in to Walton's from the sidewalk on Sixth Street transports you with a blend of nostalgia for the good old days with century old beams, tin ceiling tiles, antique counters and vintage gifts and wares. Indoors was dreamy but I could tell from the outside of the building that I would immediately love this restaurant. 


I think the indoor tables were my favorite part of the decor. I'm not sure why I liked them so much but they were just so fitting in this nostalgic setting. The only downside for me was that they use Cuvee coffee, which seems to be about the only kind of coffee in Austin. It is extremely popular and served everywhere but for some reason which we can't quite put our fingers on, Jack and I can't seem to get on the band wagon.


Despite the coffee being Cuvee, I still enjoyed sipping on this pretty cappuccino and their food more than made up for my picky coffee tastes. I ordered the Biscuits and Gravy and I was not disappointed. These were by far, the best biscuits and gravy I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Warm, creamy and spicy sausage gravy with crispy biscuits underneath--fantastic!


My friend Meghan had the Niman Ranch Ham and Egg Sandwich, which looked equally as delicious and tempting.


I will definitely have to go back and try out a few of their lunch items. The lunch menu is triple the size of the breakfast menu and absolutely everything looks tasty. I'm really not sure how to choose just one. 

2014-01-31 10.09.38.jpg

Did I mention they also sell flowers? Coffee, flowers, fantastic food and a unique inviting environment--what more could a girl ask for? 


Last of all, rumor has it this restaurant is a Sandra Bullock favorite. She happens to own Bess Bistro located right across the street. I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into another one of Austin's hidden restaurant gems. 

From Austin, With Love