Tales of the Unmotivated

Today I am feeling uninspired. After searching and applying for hours upon hours for various job opportunities and receiving prompt, "we're sorry...more experience needed..." form emails, I find myself feeling somewhat rejected and yes, unmotivated. 

It's hard to work so hard and see very little results. I feel that way in my job and often in my creative life as well. As you may have read a few weeks ago, my creative ventures, like painting, often yield little fruit and I find myself painting over a canvas time and time again to start from scratch. 

I'm sure there's some deep life lesson in that last statement--starting over, fresh slate, refreshed mind, etc. I think I'll let you pull whatever deep meaningful lesson you prefer from those words. As for me, today I'm simply out of inspiring motivational messages and I think that's ok. I see it, I acknowledge it, I'm taking a deep breath and one full day to just feel it. 

Perhaps tomorrow I'll find some motivation, some glimmer of hope on the job front and new opportunities abounding. For today though, I think I'll curl up with a good book and allow the rejection to fade away and give myself the permission to simply embrace a lack of motivation.

To my readers, if you find yourself without motivation today, if you are feeling down and out or simply lacking energy, I give you permission to do nothing today. I'm usually a big supporter of finding one thing to do to distract yourself or boost your energy but today, I say leave it. Leave the cleaning for later, leave the grocery shopping for tomorrow, leave that nagging feeling that you must accomplish this much today behind and just relax. Sometimes the best medicine is nothing at all.

From Austin, With Love