I'm not exactly sure why I'm so intrigued by the tv show Deadliest Catch. I've never been particularly fond of the sea--looking at it from dry land, yes, being on it in choppy water, a definite and resounding, no. Why do I seem to enjoy the show so darn much? I think it must be in part because it completely baffles me. Why would anyone sign up for the most dangerous job in the world? Sure I get the whole money aspect but isn't there more to life than money, like living? I was watching last night and one of the men made a comment about the job, something to the effect of "Why not? It beats sitting at a desk and sipping coffee at the water cooler, at least I'm alive out here."

I think that's the key, it may not be safe but it isn't boring, it isn't typical, it isn't expected and this man feels alive. I think these are good things to think about this Monday morning. And while I know this is a popular quote, I found it fitting for the today's topic.

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While we are on the topic of fishing, here in the Austin area they just released 1200 trout into Mueller Lake, so if you're feeling like making a catch of your own, head on out to the lake and see what you can reel in. Have a fantastic start to your week.

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