Magazines Make Me Happy

Magazines make me happy. I'm not sure what exactly it is about them that pleases me so, but I know that I absolutely love them. For me, magazines are the go-to, never-fail, pick-me-up purchases for those days when I'm not quite sure what to do or how to pass the time. Today was one of those days. 

2014-02-06 16.12.58.jpg

After our weekly morning coffee date, I dropped Jack off downtown and decided to waste an hour perusing the magazine aisles at Book People. After way too much indecision, I finally settled on the three magazines pictured here. I usually end up with a combination of home decorating and cooking magazines but these three stood out to me today for whatever reason.

2014-02-06 16.31.21.jpg

I must admit, I sometimes feel silly buying magazines at a bookstore instead of actual books, but to me, magazines have always seemed magical. It is all about the search--finding that perfect combination of visual appeal and content. While I never quite know what I'm looking for there is always a moment when it suddenly clicks and I think, yes, this is it, this is exactly what I was hoping to find. Then comes the mad dash to the checkout line so I can get home, pour a cup of coffee and start exploring the pages. It seems simple but I think I most enjoy the surprise that comes with the turning of each new page. I simply never know what is coming next and that is what makes it magical.

2014-02-06 16.13.23-002.jpg

I know that's a lot of talk about magazines but they make me happy. And, with these new magazines, today is a happy day.

From Austin, With Love