Reflections on a Monday

I know my posting the past couple of weeks has been somewhat lacking and I must apologize for the inconsistencies. When Jack talked me into blogging again, I said I was going at it full speed. I vowed to post something, anything, every single day. I worked diligently to keep up with this goal. Even if I didn't exactly love everything I posted, at least I was posting. The continuity of writing something every day is, I believe, good practice for the beginner blogger. You tend to learn a lot about yourself, your writing style and your goals through continuous efforts. Anyways, I was on a roll and then something wonderful happened, family came to town, twice. First my sister and now, this week, my in laws. I am so incredibly thankful for these visits from family but I must apologize because my devotion to blogging only goes so far. When family comes to town, everything stops.

So, now that I've given you my disclaimer, I thought I would share this article with you from Adored Austin. It's from a while back but I've only recently discovered her blog and I found this particular post very encouraging in light of recent blogging interruptions. I hope you find some encouragement from her writing this evening.

Hope your week is starting off well. Happy Monday.

From Austin, With Love