Alta's Cafe

Since the in-laws arrived, Jack and I have been talking non-stop about Banger's. The food, the atmosphere, it is just an all-around great place to relax in the sunshine with good company. So when that breakthrough of beautiful sunshine finally came yesterday, 80-degree weather people, we didn't let the throngs of SXSW attendees deter us from making the very slow trek through downtown over to Rainey St. Unfortunately, Rainey St. is a SXSW hub and Banger's was closed for private events. Grr...


We decided to walk up a couple of blocks to Easy Tiger, another of our favorite Austin hangouts. We are used to Easy Tiger being full but this was absolutely insane. 


Our good friends joined us at Easy Tiger but since we couldn't hear the person sitting next to us, we decided to walk down to the river for an evening stroll. We eventually happened across Alta's Cafe and were happy to rest our feet and enjoy each other's company on their patio. We drank beer and sipped coffee while listening to a steady stream of classic music from the 60s, 70s and 80s and chatting 'til the sun went down.


Despite our plans being thwarted by SXSW, we ended up having a fun evening of adventures. If you haven't been down to Alta's, you should seriously consider taking a stroll their direction. The cafe is incredibly simple but the view and the music make the atmosphere relaxing and so enjoyable. You can even rent a kayak and launch from the dock below if you're feeling inspired.


We are off on one more day of adventures with the parents. I'll be sure to post pictures and fill you in on all of our adventures.

From Austin, With Love