Austin Beerworks

A couple weeks ago, we had the good fortune to take a friend up on their offer to check out Austin Beerworks. This funky little brewery is located off a random road in North Austin. If you haven't been there before, it takes a lot of searching to find. Even after parking I wasn't quite sure where to go until I realized we were heading to a warehouse. Yup, the brewery is in a warehouse right in the middle of Austin. Doesn't that sound very Austin?


Inside the warehouse doors, we found a very simple bar setup on one side and a line for buying beer tokens on the other. You spend $10 and get 3 beer tokens and a nifty little glass to take home with you. One more visit and we will have a full set. Yay!


We completed a little beer tasting, filled each glass with our favorites and headed outdoors to find a seat on one of the many benches in the parking lot. One of the local food trucks was parked in the lot for our snacking pleasure so we decided to share an order of spicy kim chi fries--Korean BBQ, cilantro, Monterey Jack cheese, and siracha--need I say more? 


This is Jack and Calen having some sort of stimulating beer-fueled conversation. Below is my incredibly gorgeous older sister. I'm sure she'll just love me sharing this photo, but I couldn't resist.


Austin Beerworks is simple, local, cheap and tastes fantastic. If I were a beer connoisseur I would use words like hops, grains, malts and an assortment of other techy beer lingo to describe the pleasing tastes we experienced but unfortunately you'll just have to take my word that it was good.


I hope you've enjoyed this small look at Austin Beerworks. We had such a good time sitting around in the sunshine, drinking beer and chatting with friends. If you are an Austin local or just visiting be sure to check it out.

From Austin, With Love