Monday Morning Coffee

Coffee. The best part of waking up, right? I've been on a mission to find the best cup of coffee in Austin since we arrived. Jack and I are a little bit obsessed with brunch outings which means lots of opportunities for me to test out Texan coffee culture. While I am by no means a coffee aficionado, my three jobs working at coffee shops have definitely given me a good working knowledge. There are so many aspects to love about coffee. I don't like coffee just for the taste of it. In fact, I believe the best parts don't involve taste at all. 

Vietnamese Coffee @ Elizabeth Street Cafe

Vietnamese Coffee @ Elizabeth Street Cafe

What I love about coffee:

  1. Smell: Even those of you who don't like coffee know what I'm talking about. The rich, overwhelming aroma guiding you to the front door of your favorite coffee shop or the gentle waft of freshly brewed coffee slowly coaxing you out from under the covers in the morning. It's a smell that instantly brings a smile to my face.
  2. Art: Actual latte art is impressive and, of course, it makes people smile, but the art of roasting and brewing coffee is also a beautiful process. Constructing a good cup of coffee is a science, it takes practice and skills. I know many individuals who take class after class in an attempt to brew the perfect cup of coffee for their patrons. Trust me, most baristas have put more effort into that little cup of coffee than you realize, so tip well. 
  3. Experience: This is the best part in my opinion. Coffee should be an experience. Finding that perfect hole-in-the-wall coffee shop is an experience. Meeting your girlfriends over a cup of coffee is an experience. Reading a book while enjoying a warm cup of coffee is an experience. Waking up early with coffee in hand to watch the sunrise is an experience. I have enjoyed so many little moments, so many calming, new or simply pleasant experiences over one little cup of coffee. 

Why so much coffee talk? I was searching through my photos trying to decide what to write about today and realized, I've taken a lot, and I mean a lot of photos of coffee. So, I have decided that we need to start off our Mondays with a little coffee, a little boost for the beginning of the week. Every Monday I will post a coffee-related photo for your viewing pleasure. If you happen to have some beautiful photos of coffee feel free to send them my way and I will work them into the cycle. I hope you enjoy this new series.

Happy Monday!

From Austin, With Love