Date Night

The weather in Austin is absolutely beautiful this week. We should be seeing 88 degrees tomorrow and 97 by Sunday. To soak up the sunshine, Jack and I decided to spend a little time outdoors this evening.


It is sometimes difficult to find food that sounds appetizing when it's hot outside but sushi is a never-fail food for the two of us. We haven't found sushi that beats Central Market's selection just yet so we headed down to our local grocer and painstakingly made our two sushi selections along with a container of pasta and some drinks. 


While the Central Market down South doesn't have nearly the patio ambiance of the North store, we decided it would suffice for our little meal. It was actually quite entertaining to watch the after-work crowd race to and from the store for their grocery needs.


After our meal, we drove over to the East side of town to a section of the lake/river that I discovered during softball night. The community fields are located across the street from the East end of the lake and walking trails. We enjoyed a leisurely walk along the trails but turned back a bit early after realizing the mosquitoes were out for blood. 


I was so pleased with our little impromptu date night--a simple, fun and relaxing adventure with my absolute favorite person.

From Austin, With Love