Waller Creek Boathouse & Coffee

Now that I have a normal routine each week, I find myself filling Saturdays with one adventure after another. Since discovering Alta's Cafe/Waller Creek Boathouse a couple weeks ago with the parents, Jack and I have continued to say how we need to visit in the early morning hours, drink coffee and watch the fog rise from the lake. Yesterday we finally did just that.


Unfortunately, despite the forecast calling for sunshine and heat, the break in the clouds didn't occur until late in the day so it remained overcast all morning. We sat on the deck for a couple of hours though and watched people head to the boathouse below to rent kayaks and paddle boards and head out on the water. I think renting a kayak is our next mission.


After enjoying our coffee and bagels we walked down to the docks and snapped a few pictures of the spring flowers, squirrels and kayaks.


The boathouse/cafe was a fantastic place to sit back and relax on a lazy Saturday morning. I am sensing a tradition in the making with this little hangout.

From Austin, With Love