Because I'm Happy

Hello Saturday! After starting my new Monday through Friday job this week, Saturdays seem even more exciting to me. I worked a lot of weekends at my old job so having every single weekend off feels glorious right now. I've now completed my first full week and I'm know some of you are just itching for the details, so here goes.

When I called my family after my first day to tell them how it went I repeatedly referred to the one question I was asked by my new coworkers all throughout the day. Instead of asking, Are you hanging in there?, Are you ok?, Have you had a chance to eat a few bites? and so on, the question I was asked over and over again was, Are you having fun? The question took me off guard the first few times I heard it. Am I having fun? Well, I'm at work but now that I think about it...Yes! Yes, as a matter of fact, I am having fun! I absolutely love my job.

I realize it has only been one week and I realize there is a bit of a honeymoon phase when you start a new job but I truly believe this is an incredible place to work. I was excited to go into work every single day this week. How many people get to say that about their jobs? I never expected to be so happy in a job and definitely not in this area of nursing. It's funny how things come together sometimes.

For those of you who haven't heard, here are a few details about my job. I am working at an outpatient clinic for wound care in downtown Austin. What does that mean? Well, we see many different types of ulcers, mainly diabetic, as well as amputations and various burns, atypical wounds and surgical wounds that will not heal. We are also one of only six centers in Austin that utilize hyperbaric oxygen chambers to help further wound healing. There are three nurses and two techs that see about 30 patients per day so we stay busy but I'm already convinced we have the greatest patients around. The staff is incredibly friendly, kind, knowledgeable and fun. There is so much laughter in the office every single day.

This was never an area that I pictured myself in but I can't emphasize enough how incredibly happy I am to be at this clinic. My poor husband has been saying all week long that it is so good to have his wife back. After six months of frustration, tears, health problems, and so much anxiety, I am feeling whole again. I am feeling like a human being, capable of laughing and enjoying life outside of the office. I am 26 years old and I suddenly find myself feeling settled, no longer looking for the next thing. No longer waiting for life to happen. No more once I finish school, or once I find a job, or once I complete 6 months at this job, or once I find an area I enjoy. No more waiting. I feel at home, I feel as if I have arrived at some set point that I never knew existed but that I've been searching for these past six years. I can't fully describe this feeling. I am content to be here, in this moment, and that is an emotion I have not felt in a long time. It's a sad statement as I read it back, I realize I should be content no matter the circumstances, but I'm human and I fail at finding the positive over and over again. And I know I will fail again in the future. I also know I will have bad days and every job has its frustrations, but right now I am just so happy and I wanted to share my joys with you.

I know I have said it before, but thank you for your love and support, your words of hope and encouragement, and for your wisdom and your grace. 

From Austin, With Love