Morning Commute

Looking outside today I am reminded of home, weather in the mid 60s, constant drizzling rain, I am loving it. I walked outside twice today with my baseball cap, shorts and sweater and enjoyed the smell of fresh, crisp, clean air. Absolutely lovely. While I love a break from the heat and humidity, I am just as happy to see sunshine and walk outside to warm weather at 7am every morning, as was the case this past week.


With the early morning warm weather I was able to enjoy some beautiful clear skies and sunrises on my way to work each day. The traffic has been surprisingly light driving into downtown which means I get to simply enjoy the city skyline and not worry about getting to work on time. I was particularly loving the city views on Congress this week as I drove toward the capitol. 


Just wanted to share these photos with you today. I hope you are relaxing and soaking up the last few hours of the weekend.

From Austin, With Love