Elizabeth Street Cafe

It is no secret that my absolute favorite restaurant in Austin is Elizabeth Street Cafe. From the moment you walk in the pink front door, Elizabeth Street captures your heart. Colorful, tropical wallpaper lines the back wall as natural light illuminates the interior space.

Elizabeth Street Patio
Elizabeth Street Patio 2

The patio seating is strategically planned to make the most of a small space. The outside is filled with color--deep green vines creep up the side wall, royal blue metal chairs  surround elegant marble tabletops, and pink lights glow around the edge of the awnings.

Elizabeth Street Coffee
Elizabeth Street Beignets

A mixture of French and Vietnamese cuisine, Elizabeth Street offers a unique mix of delicacies, flavors and constructions. My favorite time of day to visit is brunch. They offer a variety of flaky, perfectly crisp croissants that are out of this world.

Elizabeth Street Utensils
Elizabeth Street Utensils 2

Every little detail about Elizabeth Street Cafe is simply lovely--the relaxing atmosphere, the kind wait staff and the delicious food.

Jack at Elizabeth Street