The Chair Necessities

I saw her sitting among so many others. She was simple yet elegant. There was nothing glamorous about her appearance and yet she stood out like none before her. She was subtle, straightforward, classic yet modern, and I loved her at first sight.  After 3 years of discussions, 9 months of determined searching, roughly 72.5 trips to West Elm and 1021 searches on their website, I have finally found my chair. Perhaps an explanation such as this seems a silly way to introduce a chair, but a chair that has been in the making for three years deserves it's five minutes in the spotlight.


Please join me in welcoming Eleanor to our home. She's a beauty from West Elm. I have to say I waited and waited for the deal of the century to line up with the chair of my dreams and I succeeded. Last weekend Jack and I ventured down to the West Elm outlets in San Marcos where this elegant piece was on red ticket clearance. Red ticket clearance = sale + 30% more off at the register. It doesn't stop there however, at the register I was told of an upholstery sale in which my chair was also included, and so, another 25% off. At the end of the day my purchase was $400 less than retail. 

Finding the perfect chair for our home after 3 years of waiting...incredible. Finding it for the deal of the century...priceless...well nearly. 

From Austin, With Love