Domicile: My Home Style

Choosing and creating a personal style for a home can be quite a feat. With all of the moving Jack and I have survived since getting married, we've gotten the hang of apartment living. Unfortunately, the apartment life leaves little room for making a place your very own. Sure, you can unpack the boxes and rearrange the furniture to make the new digs feel like home but at some point you find yourself itching to throw some paint on the walls and break out the power tools for a little home reconstruction. 

After six years of marriage, Jack and I are more than ready to get our hands on some home improvement projects and we are nearly to the point of owning our own home, which means I finally get to design a home! The hidden HGTV designer in me is jumping for joy right now. In anticipation of our home to come, I've decided to create a gallery of ideas and designs that I'd love to incorporate.

Head on over to the new page, Domicile, and see what ideas we are cooking up for our little home. I will update the page weekly so be sure to check back periodically.

From Austin, With Love