From Austin Updates

Good Morning, Friends! It seems I've fallen into old patterns and have neglected to keep up with my daily postings lately. The past two weeks have seemed to me a whirlwind of activity and surprises. It all began with a chipped tooth, then a very expensive car repair that almost turned into a new car purchase, lots of changes at work and a new apartment lease signed sealed and delivered. Unfortunately, my blog posts have suffered because of all the hubbub but I promise to make it up to you in the next couple weeks. 

Here are a few of the updates from my hiatus...

The new job is going splendidly. For those of you who haven't heard, I am working at a wound care clinic which also utilizes hyperbaric oxygen chambers to promote wound healing. We see patients with burns, crush injuries, venous insufficiency and diabetic ulcers, lymphedema and more. My start date happened to fall in the middle of many big changes at the clinic, which are only just now beginning to settle down. All the changes and unknowns made me a bit nervous but everything seems to be falling into place slowly but surely. I find myself constantly amazed at just how much I enjoy my work on a day to day basis. I know not many people get to say that about their job and I feel blessed to be one of the lucky few. I never in a million years would have pictured myself in this area of nursing but am so grateful for the opportunity to expand my horizons. In June I will fly to Florida for a week-long conference where I will receive more in-depth training on how to run the hyperbaric oxygen chambers. I was searching for plane tickets on the company dime the other evening and decided I've never felt more like an adult, reserving my plane ticket, hotel and car. When did I grow up? 

I've also made some new friends at work, this is the second week in a row that I've gone out on Friday for dinner and drinks. So, although progress is slow, I am beginning to develop more relationships and pushing myself out of my social comfort zone. You would think this whole starting over and building new relationships thing would get easier after three moves but that is apparently not the case. I find myself less and less inclined to branch out with each move so I have to make a conscious effort every day to not race home and hide under the blankets with my kitty.

I mentioned before that we signed a new lease. Jack and I are very excited about the upcoming move. It sounds silly but we decided to stay in our same apartment complex and switch to a larger unit. After looking for months at rental houses and apartments closer to downtown, we decided the extra 15 minutes commute is worth it to stay in our complex. The overall complex is clean, friendly, feels safe, and has very nice units...oh yeah, and a pool. Yes, a pool is now a factor when choosing a home in Texas. Crazy. Anyways, our new apartment is going to be on the first floor instead of on the third which will be great not only for our daily treks up and down the stairs and for moving in and out of, but also for the A/C bill which is ridiculous in a third floor apartment with a sunroom. The new apartment is 1200 square feet as opposed to the current 700. It has hard floors, 2 bedroom/2 bath and a wrap around porch out the back and around the side. It is also a corner unit which sits in the perfect little corner of the complex. There is a stone wall surrounding us around the back with trees and shrubs growing all around so we can sit on the porch and have our own private yard area without having to look at or share with anyone else or see any passing traffic. It's probably the most house-like apartment we could hope for. The last big plus to this apartment is it comes with a garage so Jack can finally get back to his woodworking hobbies and various other projects. We are very excited for the change in living situation and now have plenty of room for visitors so you all can start booking your flights to Austin.

I think that about covers our updates from the last two weeks. I hope the weather is as lovely for you as it has been here in Austin. Enjoy the end of your weekend and stay tuned for more updates on the blog this week.

From Austin, With Love